Multilingual / EAL

English as an Additional Language

Please come and teach us about your language and culture! 

We feel very privileged to be able to offer all our pupils a rich linguistic and cultural learning environment.

By celebrating similarities and differences across all languages and cultures and encouraging our children and their families to nurture and value their own heritage as well as those of others, we aim to build a truly global community. If your family has English as an Additional Language please continue to speak your first language at home.


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We want children to feel proud of their language and culture! 

Our multilingual signs were made in collaboration with our families, so we can all feel at home in our school.



In class, children are encouraged to share their linguistic knowledge with their peers and to feel proud and confident about their culture. We use widgit software to illustrate teaching to ensure comprehensible input for children learning English and we scaffold speaking and writing to build accurate, ambitious academic language for children at all levels. 



Interested in helping your children to use your home language? Subscribe to these helpful channels. Lots of great ideas!

Library4Multilinguals - YouTube

PEaCH Project - for bilingual children - YouTube


We support children learning English to make excellent progress. 

It is our firm belief that multilingualism is an advantage and that all children, including those new to English and with English as an Additional Language should be given an equal opportunity to learn, Believe, Achieve and Succeed. 

Listen to books in your language and English here:


Read stories in your language and English here:


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