Question & Answers for new starters

Questions and answers for new starters 2021

Thank you for showing acknowledgment of the new starters’ page. Please see below some of the questions asked and the answers to these. If you have any further questions please contact If we feel the question would benefit other parents, we will also post it on here as other parents may have similar questions. Thank you for your support.

What is the policy on religious jewellery?

Children are allowed to wear religious jewellery to school. Jewellery has to be removed for PE unless it is for religious reasons, but must be safe to do so. This piece of jewellery needs to be covered, for example with a sweatband. PE days will be shared in the new academic year. If you wish, you can remove any religious jewellery from your child and keep this at home on PE days. If there is any religious jewellery that cannot be covered such as a necklace and is deemed unsafe for PE, we will discuss options around this with parents.

*Earrings (studs only) are allowed to be worn at school. However, earrings need to be removed for PE days – either your child can remove these prior to the PE session, or it is better to remove your child’s earrings on the day they have PE. Teachers will be unable to remove any earrings. PE must not be missed due to wearing earrings so please ensure that these are not in on the day of PE.

Is there a specific book bag my child will need?

There is no specific book bag. We have an optional blue Carlyle book bag (purchased from uniform direct – 54 Babington Lane, Derby, DE1 1SX), which is suitable for holding your child’s books. However if you do not wish to have this, you can let your child bring a different book bag but please bear in mind it does not need to be a large book bag due to space. Your child would only need to fit in books and a water bottle.

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